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Gather - In real life app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 9344 ratings )
Social Networking Lifestyle
Developer: Henry Khachatryan
Current version: 1.9.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 27 Aug 2015
App size: 61.58 Mb

Invite and be invited to anything!

Gather is the easiest way to get together with friends. Stop chatting and have an experience. All you need is an idea.

Spend more of your time with friends. Use Gather to invite and be invited. Like texting but more lightweight, beautiful, and fun, you can send a Gather invite to anyone in your contacts list. They don’t have to download the app or visit clunky web sites to receive the invite.

With Gather you can also organize people by what you like to do with them.

Do you have activities you like to do with different sets of people? Like playing pick-up basketball, going out to see music, and hunting for Pokemon?

- With Gather you can create an invite list for anything you like to do and add your friends, or share it on Facebook and your friends who are interested can join on their own. Then next time you want to see who is in all you have is press one button to invite the whole list.

- Any invite you create that is public goes on your profile so your friends can see what you like do to and join anything they are also interested in.
- You can also view your friends profiles and see what they like to do and join any that interest you!

Every time you open Gather, you’ll see new experiences you can have with friends.

Have an idea but you don’t want to force your friends into a group message?

- With Gather you can send an invite to friends and only if they say they are in will they join the chat.

Do you want to do something but you don’t want to make an official event out of it?

- Gather invites are designed to be light-weight and simple. An invite can be as simple as, “Let’s go to the movies” or “Who wants to hang out tonight?”. It can be as specific as, “Radiohead show tomorrow night at 10pm” or “Pick-up soccer Sunday at noon.”

Do you have a few extra tickets to an event but your not sure which friends can go?

- With Gather you can set a max limit on attendees (say two) and send an invite to 15 people and the first two who say they are in will get the tix!

In addition with Gather you can…

- Create invite lists of friends that can be collaborative and be shared on all social channels
- Group chat
- Create invite-only invites, friends of friends invites, or set a max limit on how many friends can join.

Don’t let your awesome ideas go unrealized. Get Gather.

Latest reviews of Gather - In real life app for iPhone and iPad

This app spams people to get them to download, then texts your contacts with the same spam without your permission. I've gotten dozens of identical text messages from them, all saying that I've been invited to hang with my friends (even though none of my friends use this app or have invited me to use it). The 5 star reviews are insanely positive and cheery, with excessive use of "solicitations", "gatherings", "cherish", "convey", and "obliged". Do not download this spam app.

Spam, spam, spam. Do not download. Will mine your contacts and text your friends without your permission, even if you don’t create an account.

Fake, every single positive review is fake. Do not download this app.

Got a spam text message from this bullshit app, although now they're even trying to conceal what the app is! I just got a 'Your friends want to hang :) Check it out!' with no branding of the Gather app. As has been said extensively here, any positive review is a load of bullshit.

This is spam. All the positive reviews are fake.
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