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This is spam. All the positive reviews are fake.

Spams contact list

I got an invite from this app saying someone invited me to a group. There was no group, only a confused friend who claimed she didn't send any invites. Upon reading reviews I find I am not the only person who ha experienced this. Plus, the positive reviews seem fake. If this is your business mode, Gather, you done f'ed up

Great Ap!

This ap is very user friendly. It took only a couple minutes to download and setup an account. I love that it imported my contacts and didn't make me re-enter them. It makes it really quick to invite several people to do things at once. It keeps the list of those I invited to help me remember too. Just love it!

It's a good concept

This is a good concept, and the app itself looks visually appealing. None of my friends are on it though, so I will not be using it.

Excellent app!!

Great idea, excellently executed! After poor RSVP rates using email invitations, I had regressed to using manual text messages to invite and remind guests, but this app takes care of all of that for you. It's very easy to use design is simple and beautiful. When I started using the Gather app I had the fastest RSVP responses EVER! Finally, I have an excuse to plan more get-togethers! This app is genuis-I'm telling everyone I know! :-)

Great and interesting app

Great app for organizing and sending out evites. The interface is user friendly and interesting. The layout is colorful and attractive. The download was quick and easy. I will recommend it to my friends for sure.

Great idea!

Lovely app that is easy to use and fun at the same time. The colors and interface are engaging and eye catching. Great to invite a friend to grab a drink, or a group to a party. I'm planning my sister's bachelorette party this summer and will definitely use the app to send updates and details to the group. Overall, very pleased with the idea and the execution.

Gather = Spam

Don't download this app! It will text your contact list without your knowledge! Unacceptable. If you download it thinking someone invited you, delete it quick!

Happy I came across this app!

Easy to use and easy to get my friends onboard. It provides a much more exciting interface to get a group together than a text message.


This app really helps me plan events with my friends. It is easier than using a group text since people don't always get our messages in order that way.

Perfect Solution!!!

Our group of 38 is planning a 7-day Caribbean cruise. We were trying to find a solution to keep together both on the ship and at the three ports. This way we can easily catch up and find each other. I'm going to have everyone in our group download this so we can have a Bon Voyage!!!


App works nicely and has lots of colors to draw you in to it, but for me I wouldn't use. I could probably just text people as opposed to sending invites via the app. It might be cool for someone who has lots of gathering and invites loads of people but not for me.

Such a fun app!

I love the color scheme and graphics, it is fun and inviting! Overall the user interface is easy to navigate and attractive. I love the fun names of the plans and events you can choose from on the pre-made list. I hope more of my own friends decide to give this app a try. I can see it as being very handy and fun! Makes plan making so inclusive and convenient.

Good app

I like this app because it does exactly what it says it will, helps people "gather." Nothing too fancy, or too hard to master. Hook up with family and friends for your get togethers without endless texting or phone calls back and forth. No complaints.

Great app to catch up with friends

Gather is a interesting but great app that allows you to meet with friends. The app is easy to use and install, and more importantly it makes it easy to get together with friends. The app allows has a few great suggestions to get you going, such as looking to meet up with a friend to grab some ice cream or even hit the gym, it even allows you create your own categories. This platform is a great way to catch up and keep in touch with people in the digital era in which we live. Overall a great idea to keep people in touch and active, i really liked this idea.

A Unitasker that’s Actually Worth It

So as a fan of the Food Network show “Good Eats” by Alton Brown, I’m not normally a fan of apps designed to do one specific thing when I could use other apps (GroupMe, Snapchat, Facebook, whathaveyou) to do the exact same thing. In the case of Gather, however, I’ve found it’s actually worth it. The UI is sleek, fun, and easy to use, and has creative ideas for coming up with things to do as a group, which is a bonus in and of itself. It’s really easy to invite people and see who all can come, and it’s far better than the options in the other apps I mentioned. The only downside is that you have to gather people to Gather before you can use it well. I also wish that you could add people via social networks (such as a FB or Twitter login) or by username instead of directly through your contacts list.


This app is really awesome! It makes it so easy to connect with my friends by sending simple invites. It has categories for invites, like if you want to invite a friend to study with you - then you just press the button for "study sesh" and the invite is on it way! So easy - love it!

Great invite app!

This app is very simplistic yet fun. I love the color scheme and the playful animations. The app seems easy to use and would be an excellent way to get your friends together for an event. I especially like that it has a board game invite, it will be great to use in the future for planning board gaming days.

Awesome app

I have been using this app for a few about 2 weeks. I love how easy it is to navigate this app. This app allows you to easily send out group invites and what others are up to. The user interface is pretty good looking. I also like the that the app allows you to create groups based on interests (lol - this keeps me from having to remember who likes what). For example, I have made groups for study groups, softball, girls night out, and a pub crawl with my co-workers. I also have been using this to help plan for an upcoming family reunion. Overall, I am pleased with this apps functionality, appearance, features, and ease of use.

Could be good

I think that this is an easy app to use. It's easy to get around and to send invites. I like the design. Not really sure if I'm gonna end up using it a lot, hopefully so.

Good app with potential

I feel like this app has a lot of potential. I like the idea of the app and would have liked to try it but I don't know anyone who uses the app yet. I asked a few friends to try it out and they said they are content with Facebook invites. Once this app picks up I know people will appreciate the uniqueness of this app. Will update when more people use the app...has the potential to be a five star review.

Planning made simple

Using the Gather app helped me realize how simple it is to make plans. The easy to use interface and contact integration it easily allows me to organize plans with family and friends.

Text spammers

They mass text spam to get people to download the app...

Great New App!

This is a great app. I like the design, layout, and interface. However, given the functionality of other - more popular apps on the market - I'm not sure this app will be able to make a place for itself in the market. I hope it does because it is worth it.

Spam App

This app should get no stars. It is sending me text messages saying other friends are on the app and want me on it too. That is not true. Google around and you'll see that's what this app does. If you use it, your friends will get spammed too. Shame on Apple for letting this app continue. Paging Phil Schiller.

Pretty good app.

I think this is a pretty good app. It well designed and very visually pleasing. Everything is easily accessible and it it is easy to navigate. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because it is dependent on other people(your friends, family) participation to really make full use of this app. Could be 5 stars in the future if a lot of people start using this app. I updated my original rating from 3 stars to 4 stars after a few days use.***Update*** I have been now using this app for a few weeks and so have some of my friends/family. I moved my rating to 5 stars. We all love it and are using it a lot! The app is great!

Invasive Marketing

I got a text (directly to my cell phone) saying that I have 3 friends in a group inviting me to something. I go through the download, enable whoever runs this app to gain access to my device and information, and turns out that no one I know uses the app and the invite was fake. This behavior should not be legal and is a great way to get 1 Star ratings. I hope others who have shared my experience do the same thing I've done and rate this app 1 star REGARDLESS of how good this app actually is. Bad business. Sad!


Most reviews here are fake and the app sends spam. Should be removed from the App Store.


Got random texts from this app for some reason. Didn't even sign up for it. Looking through the reviews it appears that most of them are fake as well.


I'm receiving ILLEGAL solicitation texts from this company - I ONLY downloaded the app to write this review - I have no idea how the company gather phone numbers - BEWARE - STAY AWAY!!


Terrible app that spams you via text to get you to download then spams your entire contact list. I'll now notify Apple's developer relations team to get this taken down from the store. Bye guys, nice try.

Bad and pointless app

my friends and i have this app as a joke. It is not useful. there are so many more personal and effective ways to communicate about hangouts and events!


This app is great to have if you have friends that will cooporate and switch to it. It has a nice UI that I think anyone could appreciate. Really solid features that can easily lead to bringing groups of friends together to create wonderful gatherings. The only downside to this app is that it may be difficult to get all of your friends to switch to it.

Trying this

I downloaded this app as a trial and I think I'll keep it. Nice graphics, easy and fun to use. Lets me connect with people I see regularly and those I have not seen in awhile but have wanted to get together with.

Well done

This is overall a great application,after some testing it has done as intended and its giving me great social options

Great App

The app was very easy to install and very easy to navigate. The interface is beautiful, albeit a bit cartoonish. It's a good way to set-up and organize activities with friends and family, and know who to expect for that activity. I also really like that the people I invite don't need to have the app downloaded to receive the invite. 4 stars because I haven't used it to its full potential yet. Also, I wish there was a more detailed interactive tutorial. Figuring some of the things out took me a while.


I'm not particularly social, but I'm using this app to assist in organizing my cousin's girlfriend's hair school graduation after party. It seems to work well so far, and there are roughly 12 people involved. That's the only thing I've used it for, but the UI is fairly minimal and stays out of your way, which I appreciate. I didn't notice any bugs.

Fun Social App!

This is a fun, new, social app that I find very enjoyable. I find this app an easy way to communicate with friends when I am intersted in in getting together. It is very user friendly and is a great way to collaborate. As more of my friends jump on board, I can see myself using this app on a daily basis as a way to communicate and get together.

I love it!

I wasn't sure if I would like this app because it seems to be pretty similar to the other messaging apps but I quickly changed my opinion. It is very easy to learn and get comfortable with using the features. Overall, this app is a fun way to chat with my friends and to collectively make plans with all of my friends that I want to include. I will for sure be using this app to chat!

An Awesome Idea!

A great idea for an app, and an even better implementation. After a very quick sign up, you can immediately invite your friends for whatever activity has been on your mind. You can even chat with your friends. Location services are also very convenient and work well. Had no issues with app performance whatsoever. Overall, a very good app to spice up your free time, and make you productive even when you're trying to take things easy and take time off with your friends.

Does it's job well

For me, the Gather app appears to be smooth and polished. It is a little hard to navigate at times and does appear to not do anything drastically from the established apps already out there. With that being said, it's a beautifully made app with a tremendous interface overall. I would trust this site with personal info.

Good and useful

This is a useful app It makes it very easy to plan and send my invites out to my buddies. It provides a new way to interact online. It also make sharing very easy with plotter people. The interface is very clean and nice to use. So far the app have been very fluid and no bugs so far. This app adds a lot of functionality. I can include all my buddies in to it and that way all can be included on it on one app.

Awesome app

Really well made and useful app that makes coordinating plans with friends a breeze. Everything is super well organized and it's easy to see what plans your friends have made or to make your own and invite whoever you want.

Fun invite app

Super fun and easy app to use, the user interface is very intuitive and simple to understand. I found it very well organized and I was able to set my preferences up in only a few moments. The app has a number of ready to set up invite events and if one of those categories doesn't meet your needs one can easily create one of your own. I can see myself using this app frequently to create family invites for get togethers. Lots of fun colorful backgrounds to choose from and It also has an area for chatting, lots of features to choose from and it's free!!

Gather Rocks

I love the gather app!!! This app allows me to make plans easily with my friends and stick to our plans. Gather has made the complicated process of picking things to do fun and easy! Now me and my friends send less time planning and more time enjoying the places and entertainment we choose!!!

Nice app !

This is a really fun, simple and cool way to invite people to anything and everything. It has a fun, colorful and easy to use interface and is way more cool than just texting someone to ask if they want to do something along with the advantage of being able to invite multiple people. It has a lot of fun features. There are lots of different types of invitations or you can customize your own. You can also keep track of and organize your invites so you don't lose track of them. This is great addition to my iPhone that I will use a lot. Awesome !

Tried it

So my friends and I ended up trying this app for a surprise birthday party last week, and the results were pretty good. The chat feature made it easy to talk to everyone and notifications worked well. Something had to be changed last moment and everyone got the notification, unlike on Facebook you'd had to have logged on and then gotten notified, which can be hit or miss. Overall the app worked and did its job. Again though if people actually tried to use this app they'd enjoy it, but serious advertising needs to be done.

Great App

Simple and clean app. Its very easy to use and even set up! Gather has so much potential. I can't wait to see waht innovations they come up with next. Great App! I recommend.

Very useful app

For someone who is very social and does a lot of events, this is perfect. You can invite certain friends to certain events and this app makes that process quick and easy.

Such a convenience

Such a convenience, Great new updates and often. I have been using this app for a few months now and i recommend it to all my friends, neighbors and coworkers. I know a couple of people that are absolutely in love with it and cannot stop praising it and spreading the word of what a groundbreaking app this is. . It's such a great service, has amazing customer service and great features for you to stay up to date.

Great App!

this app is a really nice concept on gathering "no pun intended" and it's good for social things when you just want to hangout with friends. Overall I think I'll be checking this out more and using it as a weekly app.

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