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Fake, every single positive review is fake. Do not download this app.

Got a spam text message from this bullshit app, although now they're even trying to conceal what the app is! I just got a 'Your friends want to hang :) Check it out!' with no branding of the Gather app. As has been said extensively here, any positive review is a load of bullshit.

This is spam. All the positive reviews are fake.

This app makes party planning a breeze!

It's so convenient to be able to plan from my phone. The designs they have are so great - there are so many fantastic options to choose from for any type of party!!!

Fun app for parties

Great app for planning parties and get togethers. This a a great App to help you plan parties.

Great app

I love that I can simply invite my friends to an event through text message. It keeps all my up-and-coming events organized and I can see what I have planned for the future.

I'm in love with this app

I love how easy this app is to use. The Invitations are super fun and look amazing.


Actually didn't need guests to download app. Would like to see a live guest count, but still better than other apps I've tried!

Very well designed

Super easy to use, very well designed, and ad free! Much better than anything out there.

Much better experience

Beautiful design around a compelling feature. Hope this is how all my friends send me invites now

Great app

Great app, very convenient to manage invites from app, works fast without problems.

Easy gather app

I've new using Evite for years. The interface is easy to use, and integration with phone contacts makes it easy to plan events within minutes. Highly recommend.

Good app for coordinating my groups

This app just keeps getting better and better and I use it for all my event planning needs. I’d definitely recommend checking this app out!

Easy and efficient

This app was so easy I created my invite in less then 5 minutes! Fast, easy and fun! Like the new styles!

I love the improvements!

I love the improvements!! I just made an invite start to finish in the car while I went with my husband to get gas! Everything worked perfectly.

Love the new app

I can finally do everything I used to need the computer for. I love that I can easily create and send out an invite in minutes without having to deal with a laptop or computer.

Love the new Gather app!

Yes! Awesome improvements! I didn't even have to go on the computer to send my invites out.

Great App for party planning!

I've used it several times over the years & it's very user intuitive as well as reliable. My go to for managing party invites!

The best Invitation App!!!!

I absolutely love this app! It's super organized from start to finish. I don't know how I threw parties without this app.

I love it

This app is so easy , simple, and so convenient! I love it! My invites were so fancy! My friends & family loved it!

Very useful

This app is awesome! Very easy to use! Self explanatory! Even setting up the initial account was easy! I did my invite in 10 minutes!


If you a looking for a smart looking invites that is easy to use, Gather it is! Compared with a few other apps, this is my best bet for this category so far.

So easy

I looked a whole day to find an app that would let me make an invitation and send it out via text message! Finally I found this one and I love it!

Excellent app

Great invitations to choose from. Everything is organized for you, just sit back and relax and let the app do the running around for you. Definitely will keep using.

Love this app

I've used this app for large graduation parties and small gatherings. Love this app!

Gather is the best

Gone of the days where you would spend unnecessary money printing and sending invitations! This app is perfect highly Recommended to all!!

Works well

Such an quick , awesome , easy, super effective way to send invitations these days!


This app is very easy to use and allowed me to send out invitations to loved one's in five minutes as opposed to two days!


This app is reliable and super convenient! I love it. Definitely a must use and I'll use it for all of my future events.

Easy and very handy

I love the step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions. Looked very professional and very convenient


This application is amazing so simple and very informational. Love love love it will be using it from now on.

Simple and quick

This app was really easy to use and it creates very unique invitations. I will be using this app again for future invitations.

Birthday Party, Bridal Party and BBQ Invites

Great app! Invite was easy to create and you are able to preview invite before it is sent to guests.

So Easy...highly recommend

I am happy I found this app- it was exactly what I needed for the way I communicate these days!!!

Love it!

So easy to use and so convenient. I'd rather use this than other invites since everyone has a cellphone. Keep up the good work! Love it!

Wonderful app

I really love this app it's so easy to use! you don't have to worry about figuring it out because the app walks you through step-by-step.

Best party app

This is so quick and easy! Love this app. Many parents have asked me for it because they love how convenient and easy it is to send invites.

The best invitation app

The Best Invitation App!

Love it!!

I absolutely love this app! It makes everything much easier with sending invites. Highly recommend this app

Great app

This app helped in my party planning. It was so easy to know how many guests were coming since people receive text and can decline or accept right then and there. Easy to use too!

Birthday party

I love this App because it is convenient, easy to use and accurate. Will recommend to anyone!!

Super easy! Super accurate! Super fast!

I tried a few apps to create an invite but none of them worked as smooth as Gather.

Birthday party

I love this app. It helps so much and makes it easy for sending invites. No paper, no email and real personal.

Love it!

This app is addictive! With its easy usability, you will find reasons to send out invitations. A definite event need!

Super awesome and easy!!

I loved the simplicity of the app! It was easy to create my event and invite everyone. I'm going to use this for simple things like meeting up with friend


So easy to create and send. LOVE Great for small events even a small wedding which I did. Thanks for making it sooooo easy to do

Nice app

Created an invite for a BBQ. It was easy and the event photo options were ok as well. Would like to have more photo options for the next event, however it was easy breezy to create!


Only problem was that the inviting your contacts part wasn't as user friendly as the rest. Hoping it'll work ok!

Works perfectly

Super intuitive app with lots of beautiful invitation options. Simple enough for even my non-Tech-savvy guests to use.

Be stronger with God

Very please with this app it makes my life much easier... Quick and easy right of my fingers...

Great app

I am always looking for things to do with friends. This app gives some great ideas. It also really nice that you invite friends. It makes it a lot easier.

Great app

I love this app. I think it’s a great way to create events to get together with your friends. It even suggests events for you to create!


Just like everyone else, got a fake text to make me download this dumb app. Apart from being fooled into downloading it the concept of the app isn't even useful. Just make a group chat.

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