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This app spams people to get them to download, then texts your contacts with the same spam without your permission. I've gotten dozens of identical text messages from them, all saying that I've been invited to hang with my friends (even though none of my friends use this app or have invited me to use it). The 5 star reviews are insanely positive and cheery, with excessive use of "solicitations", "gatherings", "cherish", "convey", and "obliged". Do not download this spam app.

Spam, spam, spam. Do not download. Will mine your contacts and text your friends without your permission, even if you don’t create an account.

Fake, every single positive review is fake. Do not download this app.

Got a spam text message from this bullshit app, although now they're even trying to conceal what the app is! I just got a 'Your friends want to hang :) Check it out!' with no branding of the Gather app. As has been said extensively here, any positive review is a load of bullshit.

This is spam. All the positive reviews are fake.

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