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This is spam. All the positive reviews are fake.

Simple to use

Wish there were more public events in my area, I live in a big city and was hoping to see something fun to do. If I wanted to plan an event with my friends it seems like it would be easy to do.


Downloaded this app just so I could leave a review..Don't spam my phone with texts


This app just texted me under the notion someone had invited me to an event. In reality it was purely spam. Getting spam emails is one thing but the fact that I was texted really pisses me off. Will never use this app. Facebook events are far simpler to establish and navigate anyway.


Don't download this app! I got a text from a random number saying that I got invited to one of my friend's party. However, when I signed up for the app, nothing was there and it synced all of my contacts!

Spam app. Avoid

Another spam app inviting you to download.

Yep, It's Spam

As other reviewers have mentioned, I also received a text message with a gif & an invite link, that landed me here. Having read the other reviews and the apps nefarious actions I'm not going to install the app & I suggest you don't either.

SPAM !!!


Terrible app

They spammed my personal phone number with and add saying I had a invite from friends which turned out to be a bot

Tricked into downloading

Got a text that a friend invited me using this app, presumably by entering my phone number. I downloaded the app and made an account, all for the purpose of seeing who was trying to reach me. Once I finished this, I found no notifications from friends trying to reach me. Must of been a scam to get me to download. I otherwise like the purpose of the app, but I'm not a fan of being tricked into downloading them, so this ones getting deleted.


If you look at the "good" reviews below they're all clearly from the same source. Similar name, similar grammar and misspellings. The app just uses your phone to access your contacts and spam everyone with texts. No thank you.

Unethical Marketing

Somehow this app got a hold of my phone number and TEXTED me a link to download! Total invasion of privacy. I don't need some stupid app to keep me in touch with my friends. How absurd.

Love it

Designed for party love it.It makes everything easier and more effective.

Still getting to know it

Just downlaoded it. Still getting to know the app. Overall,everything is doing great so far.

Would recommend

Gived me a new way to creat events and get friends together.highly recommended

Would recommend

Gived me a new way to creat events and get friends together.highly recommended

Deserves more attention

Well-designed interface, useful function and easy to use. I am sure it will become more popular in near future


App sends an invite to everyone in your contacts when you download. This is why you probably got a random invite text message. Good reviews on this page are written by shills

come in handy

Great, I created an event and shared it on other social media.Got lots of responds.

Simple and Useful

I am now working in a community. One of my tasks is to notify all the members in time if there are any urgent things. I never need to text everyone and I can get replied in a few seconds with this app.All you need to do is send invitations and create a gr

intereating concept

I was kinda confused in the beginning. Didn’t know exactly what it was for. Then I got the concept, interesting and effective.

One night stand

Can't hold my exciting emotion now for having one night satnd with a Sweden girl at this beatiful night. Good luck to myself!

Free dates

It helps me hook up with the one I interested in,most importantly,I can have free dates with them.

Great service

One of the features of this app I love is I can say no to groups that don’t interest me.


Used this app to gather people for hiking, easy to use, would reccommond it to my friends.

Purposeful App with lots of potential

The purpose of this app is clean and straightforward--to rally the excitement of groups of friends, get out, and do more together. It's more of an artsy event planner than a full-fledged social media platform. Gather is still very simple and understated, even underdeveloped to be honest, but I think that is one of it's best qualities and reasons for its potential popularity. Much of the time it's a challenge getting friends to peel themselves away from their exclusive devotion to Facebook, but that's why apps such as this are made--to try something new and refreshing. And who knows, Gather may hopefully offer spiffy new additions like iMessage and other social media integrations. Try it the next time you're with a group of friends. Have everyone download it, set it up, and create your next Gather get together!

Not Legit

This app texts you from a random number in your contacts telling you that someone "invited" you when they really didn't, I don't know what the point is though because the app is free to download it's just annoying and alerts you at random times trying to get you to use it

Love it!!

I dowloaded this app and absolutely love it! My friends and I group text a lot for various things on various occasions and this app is a way for us to stay connected and organized. The features and functions of this app will help us make plans, have fun and have a place to share.

SMS spamming for downloads

Sent SMS notification that I had an invite that didn't exist.


Do not even think about downloading this app. It gets access to your contacts and sends them all a message saying "hey you've been invited to join". It doesn't even MENTION the name of the app itself!! Just a download link in the message. If it can do this, it's probably saving all your contacts phone numbers on its servers. Avoid this app at all costs

Easy app to invite friends

This app is really nice it makes it so much easier to invite friends to places.I would recommend this to my friends


Don't download this app, they just want access to your contacts so they can spam you.

Love it!

This is fantastic! My social calendar is picking up for the summer and this is the perfect way to keep track of it all and communicate effortlessly with my friends! Get this app!


I got a text from a random number saying one of my friends inviting me to something so download the app and I did. And it sent to every single one of my contacts!!! This is ridiculous. Please delete this horrible app.

Nice app

Great app for those with androids, very sleek and smooth design!

This shouldn't be legal

I get a random text from a 785 number (not an area code I have ever lived anywhere near) with a Fresh Prince gif and a link telling me my "friends" wanted to chat. No specification as to which friend (if any). The developers of this app should be banned

What is the point?

What's wrong with texting your friends to hang out and chill? Why do I need this app?

This app is SPAM Stay Away!!!

It sends a text from a server to all of your contacts (1700 for me!?!?!!!!), without them even knowing who "invited" them to the app. This app scrapes your contacts and overall has terrible practices. I will never touch this or create an account.

Interesting Concept, Would Love to See Future Implementation

Downloaded the app today and understand the concept. The application has many future possibilities for its users, but further integration is necessary to help boost user-functionality. Possible iMessage integration or Social Media networking would do well for the application. Love the artwork and subtlety of the animations, customization of events (photos linked with Google Images, Gifs, etc) and avatars to increase eye-candy already made. 1) Artwork scrolling/selection wheel is only visible when keyboard is present. Should allow artwork to be selected through both left&right scrolling as well as the selection bar/wheel without keyboard present. > No other suggestions/changes found. Overall, great application. Can't wait to see it in the hands of others in the future!

best app for rallying friends

Gather is my favorite app for getting friends together for adventures! The new version is even better!

Simple and Effective

I'm a big fan of group texting but some people aren't so this app gives you the choice of having your phone ring off the hook! You can check it when you want or get notifications! The app has great graphics that make everything easy to understand and they even give you suggestions on what to do during your hangouts. I'm getting all my friends on board!

Easy for last minute planning

Works well. need more of my friends on the app to be really useful


Makes it easy to chill with the homies and find stuff to do!


Loving this app ❤️❤️❤️!

Don't download- it's a scam

You receive a message indicating that a friend invited you to use this app. In actuality, a bot with the app sends the "invite." This app appears to mine contacts and then send "invites" without permission. Do not download; don't fall for my mistake!


Got a text message saying my friends were trying to talk to me. It's a lie. This app is shady and I don't trust it.


This app tricks you into thinking a "friend" has invited you. Though once downloaded you find the invite was completely fake.

Got a false invite app is a scam

Don't listen to the texts you get your friends probably don't have the app

Another Annoying Invite from Gatherbot

Like other users, I was also led to the app by receiving a text about hanging out. Alas, it was from aggravating. And to top it all off, the app wouldn't even let me use my real last name, claiming it was invalid because there was an apostrophe! The developers should be disappointed in themselves for not considering REAL last names.


Some random text hit me up for no reason. This app is garbage


I've never written an app review before, so you know this is bad. I got a text saying one of my friends invited me to hang out. None of my actual friends did. I had to download the app, which didn't work at all. Apparently it just spams you and your contacts...

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